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Training School “Experimental Models in Adhesion GPCR Research”

Time: October 5-6th 2020

Location: Virtual (ClickMeeting platform)

Registration deadline: Sept 20th 2020

Registration is now closed




This school will provide training in application of various model systems - mammalian cell lines, primary human brain immune cells, worms and zebrafish - in functional studies of aGPCRs. Furthermore, the participants will be offered training in state-of-the-art and traditional methodology associated with these models.



The school is designed primarily for PhD students and postdocs engaged in aGPCR research, but it can also be useful for other researchers interested in any of the above model systems or in the associated methodology.


Modules and content

The training is organized in four sessions, each of which includes a lecture, lab video(s) and a chat room with trainers. During the training you will learn about:

-          Functional studies of aGPCRs in the immune cells, brain-resident microglia and cancer.

-          Use of zebrafish as a model system to understand adhesion GPCR physiological function.

-          Small molecule screens, targeted genome editing and live imaging in zebrafish.

-          C. elegans as a model organism and identification of common genetic mutants.

-          Generation of molecular tools for the in vitro functional study of the immune system aGPCRs.

-          Identification of the aGPCR cellular ligands.